Investing Process

Turnkey Real Estate Solutions Generate High Cash-on-Cash Return

At Merrimack Property Group, LLC., we understand that our clients need the best value, returns and protection for their investment decisions. We have perfected the turnkey real estate investment process to help them comfortably achieve their objectives.

Our turnkey investment process is simple and effective:



Step 1: Investor Escrows Funds

Investor defines goals and consults with MPG on options available. Typically investor then escrows funds and signs joint venture. Money logistics are completed.

Step 2: Merrimack Property Group Secures Property

MPG sources, evaluates, analyzes, secures, and then controls a select property. Multiple options may be available for the investor.

Step 3: Investor Selects Property from MPG stock.

Investor selects property.

Step 4: Rehab Bids are Taken

Bids are taken for rehab work. Assigned to contractor.

Step 5: MPG Closes on Property

MPG readies property insurance and preps property for close. MPG closes on property.

Step 6: Rehab Begins

Rehab begins within 24 hours of the property closing.

Step 7: Rehab Complete

Rehab is completed.  Inspected by Property Superintendent and Property Management.

Step 8: Marketing for Rental

MPG begins aggressively marketing property for rental.

Step 9: Rent

MPG qualifies and rents property to long term tenant.

Step 10: Manage

MPG collect rents, manages properties and deals with tenants

Step 11: Distributions

Distribution of net proceeds on a monthly or quarterly basis back into Investor’s desired custodian or bank.