WHAT is a Joint Venture?

Simply put, it is a legally binding agreement to do a particular business deal together.  In real estate, generally one partner has the money, and one has the real estate expertise.

A Joint Venture can be between two or more people with varying levels of experience, assets and knowledge.

Joint Ventures are very popular in Real Estate because they allow investment flexibility and people of varied experience levels to work together.

It is important to know that a Joint Venture is for one specific deal only, and often confused with a business Partnership, which can exist for many business purposes.

WHY would I do a joint venture?

Joint Ventures are an excellent way to take advantage of the wealth building power of real estate without being an expert.

By partnering with a team like Merrimack Property Group (MPG), investors benefit from years of real estate investing knowledge. A joint venture with MPG ensures investors long term revenue stream secured by real estate.

Investing in real estate with the MPG team is an excellent investment.

WHO are Joint Ventures best for?

A joint venture is great for anyone who wants to be invested in real estate with direct control of their investment.

Many people know that Real Estate can be a great long-term investment, and an outstanding way to build real wealth. However, 98 percent of the population lack the expertise to get involved. Partnering with a knowledgeable real estate entrepreneur is an excellent way to get into real estate investing.

Qualified investors with varying levels of expertise use joint ventures. Each Joint Venture is unique to the partners, so careful planning and alignment of investment goals are always critical.

Are real estate joint ventures a way to get rich quick?

No, however they are an excellent way to build long-term wealth.

At Merrimack Property Group, LLC (MPG) we buy distressed properties that give us instant equity and strong cash flows to help safeguard our investor’s money. Our investor’s capital is always the first cash to be paid out of every deal, and an investor’s interest is always secured by real estate instruments such as first position liens.

When asked to compare low bearing investment strategies with a real estate focused approach, what is it you say?

Do you know how much the average 401k has at retirement?

By the time the average American starts withdrawing, that 401k has……$96,000……TOTAL.

That’s not going to cut it. Maybe $96K will work if you only plan to live until age 67. Personally, I hope I’m spending more than $3,200 a year for the last 20-30 years of my life.

That’s the reality many Americans are facing though. The problem is, 95% of Americans trudge through life believing this is the way to build wealth–

1. Get a job.

2. Put some of your paycheck into a 401k

3. Cross your fingers.

But if that plan worked so well, wouldn’t we all be wealthy by now?

It doesn’t have to be this way. The other 5% of Americans who are living well now (and into their retirement) have already figured this out. What do they know that the rest of us don’t?

They’ve found a way to put that money to work for them now. (And it keeps working for them for the rest of their lives). That’s the magic of buy-and-hold real estate. Unlike a conventional 401k, your money goes into a cash-flowing investment that you can profit from long before you retire. And once you’re ready to retire, you’ll know exactly how much passive income you’ll receive in rent checks each month. If you’re ready to get smart about wealth building, let’s talk! Tell us about your investment goals, and we’ll match you with the right cash-flowing property for you..