Passive Investing

High Yield Passive Real Estate Investments

Many investors are turned off by real estate because they do not have the time or inclination to become landlords and property managers. If the investor is a rehabber or wholesaler, real estate becomes more of a business rather than an investment. Many successful real estate “investors” are actually real estate “operators” in the real estate business. Fortunately, there are ways for passive investors to enjoy many of the secure and inflation proof benefits of real estate investing without the hassle.Perhaps you want to capture the high yields and potential capital appreciation of investing in real estate, but don’t want the management hassles and time commitment involved in active property ownership. Maybe you have a full time job or business, or perhaps you’re retired looking for greater income than bank CDs and greater security than a volatile stock market. Or perhaps having owned income producing property for many years, you’re tired of “tenants and toilets”. If so, consider passive real estate investments. Most peoples’ vision of investing in real estate is fraught with the burden of managing properties, dealing with repairs, evicting tenants and facing potential law suits. Other forms of real estate investing may involve negotiating bargain prices, managing large rehabs, and selling properties to end buyers.passiveInvestmentFew people are ready to engage on that level and become “active” real estate investors. Most want their investments to be like parking a car – set it and forget it.At Merrimack Property Group, LLC, we offer passive investment opportunities with our real estate projects on three different levels. All of them are passive, and all investments we engage in have to pass our stringent qualifying criteria and due diligence.Being the experts in market trend analysis and knowing all the underlying data for each specific investment that we choose, our investing partners and clients are so confident that many want to “park” their funds with us and move it from one investment to the next for great returns on an ongoing basis.

We have private investors who invest for ownership within an entity that holds the real estate. They share in the profits and have documented ownership in the investment portfolio, which can include tax benefits as well. This type of “ownership investment” is secured in 3 ways – the deed to the property, property insurance and profit distributions on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.

We have investors that invest in a joint venture with MPG. The investor shares in the initial forced equity, monthly cashflow and long term upside equity.

We also have private investors who lend money for investment at a specific ROI. In this case, they don’t get to share in the equity position and profits, but they do get a set interest rate which can range from 8.5% to 12% or more, depending on when the ROI is realized and the time frame of the investment.

In any case these investments are completely hands-free for you. You only collect your interest check, or it is received directly by the trustee of your retirement account.

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