Utilizing a tried and true system the Merrimack Property Group (MPG) identifies distressed properties, then catalyze, negotiate, lease/option, purchase, rehab and property manage these single and multifamily properties in a geographic sweet spot closely tied to it’s organizational name. MPG primarily targets real estate investments in cities and towns that lie along the Merrimack River in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The Merrimack River runs through cities in Massachusetts, such as Haverhill, Lawrence and Lowell. The river then extends farther into New Hampshire and includes Nashua, Manchester and Concord. U.S. Census reports indicate that over 700,000 people live in these focused areas.

In addition, MPG investigates a tertiary strategy of targeting distressed properties with high equity positions in the Boston-Worcester-Providence combined Metro area. The population in this larger geographic area tops 8 million people according to the latest U.S. Census data.

In addition MPG works with out of state markets as well. Taking advantage of high growth areas such as Orlando, Florida and high cash flow areas such as Memphis, Tennessee provides our investor partners extremely high returns on their investments. Typical investing in these areas are Joint Ventures and Lease/Options.

By focusing MPG’s attention on these cities and their environs we familiarize ourselves with the buying, selling, contractor and rental markets in these areas, thereby increasing our ability to structure outstanding equity backed and cash flow positive real estate investments.

Merrimack River