Founder and CEO

Guy Indelicato is a successful business and real estate entrepreneur who has redeveloped, rehabbed and managed properties since 1977. Guy is a former licensed Real Estate Broker and has attended dozens of real estate bootcamps and seminars over the years including the Harvard Business School Real Estate Program in Cambridge, MA. Guy resides in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts. He has been married for over thirty-five years, is the father of two daughters, and he enjoys speaking at real estate events and seminars in the hopes of helping others achieve financial freedom. Guy oversees the entire operation at MPG and is the primary interface to our investing partners.

The Merrimack Property Group is focused on helping Sellers, Buyers and Investors all achieve their goals.

Internal Team

Jillian – Buyer Manager – Holding a Master’s degree Jillian is tasked with overseeing all aspects of guiding and assisting buyers qualify and acquire our properties.

Robert – Seller Manager – Holding an MBA from Southern NH University Rob is primarily tasked with sourcing and negotiating to acquire property for MPG.

Karen – Office Manager – Tasked with overall customer service and back office management. Karen manages a team of virtual employees.

Luke – Investor Manager – Holding a BS from Westfield State Luke manages our relationships with investors in joint venture, long term hold, private financing and wholesale properties.

Luiz – Property Manager – Tasked with onsite property management and upkeep of the MPG portfolio of properties.

Jenelle – Tenant Manager tasked with overseeing that the tenant and buyer paperwork workflows are adhered to and managed.


In addition to our leadership team the Merrimack Property Group, utilizes a strong team of savvy investors, lawyers, title companies, escrow companies, accountants and construction personnel to ensure predictable and repeatable results year in project after project and year after year.